Our Edmonton team of highly trained specialists in window cleaning, and high pressure washing, always has the right equipment, expertise, and people for window cleaning projects on residential high-rise and low-rise condominiums or towers, commercial buildings or industrial projects beside our pressure washing systems.

Window cleaning

window_cleaningAt  ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS – we clean your windows quickly and effectively with crystal clear, streak-free results. With the capacity to clean windows inside and out, our company doesn’t only guarantee impressive results but also increased indoor air quality.

Window cleaning is not an easy job. It requires the right equipment, products and experience. Our company uses the best green cleaning products on the market to remove dirt and freshen up your indoor environment, and not contaminate it with chemicals. Whether you want to refresh your residence windows, or to have your office windows cleaned, count on Rope Access Solution for any window cleaning services needed in Edmonton, and surroundings.


Pressure washing

Our extremely powerful pressure washing system, is truly effective, and is always needed here in Edmonton to remove filth, grime and dirt accumulated overtime and leaves surfaces clean and debris-free. The results are always impressive because decks, sideways, driveways, paths and any other surface are effectively cleaned after using our pressure washing technique. As always, pressure washing is the fastest way to get results and increase the beauty of the outdoor environment.

Let us prolong the lifespan of your building’s exterior, brick, driveway, deck, sidewalk, and any surface. We can clean and remove stuck debris or chewing gum from pathways or commercial and industrial building, and parking lots, using our powerful pressure washing systems.

pressure_washingRope Access Solutions with its pressure washing technique, can clean your property of these hard to remove stains and debris, trouble free. Do you have:

  • Oils spills in your parking lot?
  • Gum stuck to the concrete
  • Unwanted algae/mildew growth on your walls of your business or home
  • Unsightly siding or stucco that needs cleaning
  • Grimy sidewalks, walkways, brick pavers, and roofs

Our skilled technicians specialize in quality, pressure washing methods that are environmentally safe and clean all types of exterior surfaces.

We provide each customer with excellent professional pressure washing service in Edmonton and area.

From low-rise and high-rise buildings to commercial and industrial structures… WE DO IT ALL!

Our highly skilled technicians can reach any window or siding in any location - even those hard to reach spots -
  • Rope Access?
  • Ladder access?
  • Water-fed poles?
You can depend on expert team to get the job done using the most appropriate, effective and advanced method, and in the most cost attractive way. Whether you're looking for a one-time clean-up service or regular weekly cleaning, our specialists are able to manage pressure washing, or any window-cleaning project!

We would be more than happy to discuss your project, advise you of costs involved, and provide you with valuable and practical advice!


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At Rope Access Edmonton, we respect the requests of each client and are committed to offering pressure washing and superb window cleaning services. The service is provided on time, our experts are well-equipped and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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