We have the most advanced equipment for window installation no matter how high your building is.

Leave the windows installation and your old window repair or replacement on us. As service experts, we are equipped to do work at the tallest building. All technicians at Rope Access Solutions are insured and qualified to install windows and glass to any properties in Edmonton, Alberta. Our installation service is offered at reasonable fees and is done whenever it’s suitable to you.

How Often Should Windows be Replaced?

Window replacement is necessary for older buildings and structures that are still wearing their original windows. Needless to say, any building that was built in the 80’s or earlier is probably in need of new window replacement. That’s because windows have gone through serious upgrades and improvements in the past few years.

Windows are no Longer Glass

It looks like glass. It feels like glass. But, today’s windows are usually made of lead-free vinyl (PVC). Why? Because vinyl is more resistant to moisture and doesn’t change its shape as the temperature changes. Vinyl is just a lot more efficient and durable. Not only do they improve the value and appearance of your building, but vinyl windows reduce energy costs.

Rope Access Solutions for Professional Window Installation

Speaking of energy costs, it pays in the long-run to have your window installation done properly by well-trained and licensed professionals. Proper window installation is a key factor for the energy efficiency that’s required in one of the coldest parts of Canada. The best window can let you down if the frame allows air to pass through due to improper window installation.
installing windowsRope Access Solutions can save you time and expense by getting the job done right the first time.  You can depend on them for fast, professional service to suit your exact specifications. Whether you choose fade-resistant, durable colors or distinctive artistic windows, Rope Access Solutions caters to your every whim and desire.
Each window installed is guaranteed to provide resistance to moisture, fading, warping and blistering. Even with the impact of Edmonton’s changing climate, your windows will perform and shine like new for years.

Window Repair or Window Replacement?

If you have doubts about your windows, why not have Rope Access Solutions give your windows the eye treatment? Rope Access Solutions can get up close and personal no matter how high off the ground your windows are. Our professionally-trained inspectors can tell you whether your windows are solid and just a few window repairs are needed or if you need complete window replacement.
Using close inspection, they can tell you if your frames are up to par or destroyed by moisture or leaks from inside the wall. (Even the best wood frames have a tendency to rot in time. However, some wood frames can be repaired.)
Rope Access Solutions can tell you whether that fog you’ve been seeing on your windows is a sign that window replacement is required or if minor window repairs will solve the problem. If the frames are still in great condition, it may be possible to take the less intrusive route of a retrofit window replacement. Whether a full-frame window replacement is called for or just some window repairs, let our inspectors give you the low-down on your windows.

Maximum Efficiency Add-Ons

If you have chosen triple pane windows, it’s a good idea considering how cold Northern Alberta gets in the winter. Windows should meet the most stringent performance ratings. Another feature to help maximize window performance is a coating of low-emissivity or Low E that gets applied directly on the window pane.

Window Repairs

Ask Rope Access Solutions to coat your windows. Adding a Low E coating is a great addition to your window repairs. Low E acts as a barrier between the glass and UV radiation from the sun. This ensures that offices and rooms on the sunny side of the building don’t get overheated. It also prevents the fading of furniture.

We would be more than happy to discuss your window project, and costs involved. And provide you with valuable and practical advice!


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