When thinking of outdoor decking options, vinyl and composite are excellent consumer choice for builders and individuals, for both the warm summer days and cold winters in Edmonton, Alberta. Do you have questions about the material? Need to know the pros and cons? Want vinyl decking in Edmonton, Alberta? Or a vinyl deck repair? You can dial the number of Rope Access Solutions to get answers, solutions, advice, and services. We are affordable, experienced, and have the skills to renovate your porch or patio floor to your taste and expectations.

Things to know about vinyl decking

Vinyl decking is an excellent way here in Edmonton to transform your outdoor space and hardly worry about its maintenance. After years of working with the vinyl material, we know its strengths and advantages and recommend vinyl flooring for your balcony or patio. These are the main benefits of vinyl decks.

  • Although vinyl decking looks like wood, it is man-made and so highly resistant to water, elements, insects, mold, stains and scratches. So it is maintenance free.
  • You can choose the size, pattern, color and width. It is installed in planks or with the tongue and groove method and often the fasteners are concealed.
  • It can be stained to match the colors of your property.
  • Since it is resistant, it lasts for a very long time.
  • It is waterproof and so ideal for the deck floor around the pool.
  • It’s resistant to fire and chemicals.
  • With heat and ultra-violet stabilizers and screens, your vinyl decking Edmonton floor won’t be affected by the sun rays. These stabilizers prolong the lifespan of PVC materials.

The thicker the vinyl deck the better. Although this special material is meant for outdoor environments, they might need some extra coatings to make them more resilient and help them last even longer.

Want commercial vinyl decks construction? Call us

When it comes to commercial builders, or to a single large project, our vinyl decks builder can install as many vinyl decks as needed, for condos, single, and multi-family large divisions. Before that, we can help you find the right style and size to meet your expectations.

With our experience and thorough work, your vinyl deck floor will still be impressive years later. Whether you want vinyl decks renovations or installation, ask us to help you. Call us to discuss your needs today. Was there an accident in your property? You can also count on our fast vinyl repair service.


In Addition to Large Projects of Single Family Division (minimum of 12x12 sqf), We Are Now Accepting Multi-Family Divisions Projects.

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