Rope Access Solutions amalgamates core values, state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience for catering the most feasible and utilitarian rope access services throughout Alberta.

Rope Access Services caters high proficiency, safe and fully insured industrial-grade rope access solutions to multiple industries in Alberta, including those associated with maintenance, construction and inspections. Due to being backed by an experience of over 7 years, our expert team can take care of a wide variety of jobs, including atrium maintenance, lifting solutions, installation & removal of banners, reaching confined spaces, bridge repair, putting up artwork or Christmas decoration, installation & removal of Christmas lights and facade restoration.


Our specialization particularly lies in reaching even the most difficult-to-access spaces in a secured, effective and affordable manner. Prior to initiating any project, our professionals determine its scope precisely, such as getting secured work plans in place, explaining the project to the team, completion and putting together a rescue plan. We completely avoid the usage of any scaffolding in our tasks, thereby keeping the operational costs substantially easy on the pocket of our customers. No matter what your requirement is, our team would make sure to provide you with an inexpensive solution.
  Thus, if you have one or more tasks that need to be completed in accessibly challenging places like restricted spaces or heights, we are the people you should get in touch with in Alberta.

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