As experienced height services technicians with the skills to fix roof problems, we understand fully the meaning and value of Flashing. Our services are quick and performed with care. We work at the highest roofs of Edmonton, come totally prepared for caulking flashing of all materials and use the best elevating machines for a fast and efficacious work. Everyone at our Rope Access Solutions company in Edmonton is properly trained, has excellent knowledge of our lifting machines and the special equipment used for flashing services, and is totally reliable. We make sure your roof and window flashings are properly repaired and caulked for long-lasting and leak prevention.

We excel in caulking flashing

We repair roof flashing as fast as we can. Our team is a master in flashing services and understands the great significance of flashing repair. We take care of specific problems but we are also here to check the roof flashings of your property in order to estimate their condition and offer you solutions.

Flashings are supposed to protect the joints of different roof components in order to prevent water leaking. They actually seal these joints so that rainwater won’t end up in the property. Flashing installation is important but sometimes omitted. In this case, our team will be extremely useful since it excels in flashing a window or roof parts.

The best roof flashing repair service

The technicians of our company use the best products in Alberta for the caulking of flashing. Thanks to our experience we can easily detect which roof flashing is not caulked well and either replace it or fix it. We excel in window and roof flashing repair and promise to handle each problem efficiently. We make sure your property is free of leaking problems and both windows and roofs well-sealed with the right Flashing.

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