Rope Access Solutions has, ever since its inception, established multiple key partnerships with professional contractors throughout Edmonton, Canada. This is because we aim to provide a wide range of solutions from our service repertoire to a greater client base all over the region. Backed by an experience of over 6 years in the industry and equipped with state-of-the-art rope access systems, we work efficiently in cooperation with engineers and inspectors from different backgrounds to meet specific requirements of our clients more satisfactorily.

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With the aid of ropes, our highly trained professionals can easily access difficult to reach areas. In this way, they can perform a broad variety of maintenance jobs in a safe and secured way, and that at incredibly competitive rates. The main reason behind the highly competitive pricing of our rope access contractor partnership service is the fact that we do not employ expensive methods like drones or snooper trucks. Rather, our crew can physically get into cracks and crannies as well as underneath bridges using ropes, and acquire detailed reports, live video feeds and documentation for better analysis and solutions. Investigation and analysis to Building envelope, as well as Condominium conversion studies, Physical needs assessments (PNA), Capital needs assessments (CNA), Property condominium assessment (PCA) and more as listed below.

What our clients appreciate the most about us is our ability to bring together multiple trades for performing maintenance tasks of varying magnitudes.

Our team of experts are fully knowledgeable of the following and can provide the right kind of solutions for the fruitful execution of each:
  • Building envelope investigation
  • Condominium conversion studies
  • Physical needs assessments (PNA)
  • Capital needs assessments (CNA)
  • Commercial inspection
  • Industrial inspection
  • Property condominium assessment (PCA)
  • Building envelope contractor
  • Building envelope inspection
  • Building envelope repair contractor
  • Heat trace (work with electricians)
  • Non destructive testing
  • Corrosion assessments
  • Coatings inspection
  • Pit-depth measurements
  • Hammer sounding
  • Steel and concrete inspection
  • Data acquisition
Right from the start till the completion of a task, we work with our partners to ensure the best outcomes for our valued customers. Apart from that, we do all kinds of time and price estimates as well. For further details or any query regarding this service, please get in touch with our helpdesk today.

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