ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS work with engineers hand to hand from start to finish

“A stitch in time saves nine.” And, Rope Access Solutions can save you a lot more than nine stitches with a concise and comprehensive inspection of the exterior of your building. We also have a lot of experience inspecting commercial properties, structures as bridges, towers, stacks, silos, dams, penstocks, hoppers, and rock faces.

Rope Access Solutions’ engineers inspect all sorts of structures, small and large projects, and we do price and time estimates for any commercial and industrial properties and buildings that include bridges inspection, towers, and building exterior. Our engineers work on all sorts of building envelope inspection projects from start to finish. We inspect concrete and steel, coatings, tank and pipeline, penstock Inspection, and all high-rise as well.

It’s no secret that Alberta’s extreme weather can cause severe wear and tear on its buildings, bridges, towers and structures. An insignificant hole, left at the mercy of the harsh elements, can quickly become a serious structural problem.

More expensive methods such as snooper trucks or drones can be less effective than using Rope Access Solutions because we can get eyes on places that are more difficult to reach. Our crews get up close and personal to find the smallest damage before it becomes a serious problem. Ropes enable us to get under bridges and into cracks and crannies with ease.

We get in and out fast, using non-destructive methods to spot potential problems. Regular inspection and cyclical maintenance can significantly increase the life-span and value of any building, bridge or structure.

And, who wouldn’t want an increase in the market value of their commercial investment?

Think of the confidence and peace of mind that an inspection of your commercial building will bring to you and your associates. Our professionally trained inspectors can help prevent those high repair bills, lost time and much annoying inconvenience. Systematic maintenance can simplify your life.

Don’t wait. Call us before water or weather has a chance to cause more damage. You can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, knowing that Rope Access Solution is on the job.

Due to dependable rope access, our technicians gain access to confined spaces with visual inspections of penstocks, hoppers, dams, stacks, towers, bridges silos or any other commercial structure. They will provide live video feeds, detailed reports and documentation –something a drone or snooper truck can’t do.

Rope Access Solutions Services:

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Pit-Depth Measurements
  • Corrosion Assessments
  • Hammer Sounding
  • Concrete and Steel Inspection
  • Data Acquisition
  • Coatings Inspection
  • Video and Photo Documentation
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Tank and Pipeline Inspection
  • Penstock Inspection
  • High-rise Envelope Inspection

A brief comprehensive commercial building inspection includes but is not limited to:

  • Roofs – To assess damage, roofing materials and elements should be inspected twice a year. Undetected leaks can result in costly damage. Birds’ nests and roosting places should be eliminated.
  • Roof Elements – Chimneys, vents, cornices or ornamental elements must be adequately flashed. Gutters should be free from debris.
  • Fenestration – Weather-stripping should be properly installed to prevent energy losses.
  • Exterior Wall Material – Even the highest quality of masonry or siding accumulate the effects of weather and dust. Paint and finishes should be checked for signs of peeling and blistering.
  • Exterior Ceilings and Decks – We check for water damage and insect infestation. Rotting wood is usually the first sign that an exterminator should be called in.

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