We at ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS specialize in performing atrium cleanup and maintenance for commercial establishments in Edmonton, Alberta!

Atriums are undoubtedly among the most appealing features of many commercial properties like malls, hotels, offices, shopping centres, restaurants and retail outlets in Edmonton, AB. However, maintaining confined spaces aesthetic allure can be very tedious when done using in-house assistance since atriums tend to get soiled easily. In order to keep them nice and shining all the time, regular cleaning is a must. And there arises another problem – the difficulty to reach these areas every day – which leads to their exclusion from the daily cleaning routine of most commercial premises.

if your business is having a hard time reaching confined space to clean, or keeping the atriums of your building clean, or needing the Christmas lights and decoration set, or removed, a chandelier to be hanged, carpet to be cleaned, or a wall to be repaired then opt for the expert atrium cleaning and maintenance service of Rope Access Solutions. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, our professional team of cleaners is trained to perform atrium cleanup jobs at a wide range of heights at commercial premises and shopping malls. And because we only make use of ropes rather than scaffolding, it translates to low service charges. All members of our team are adequately qualified as well as knowledgeable of the techniques necessary to carry out rope access cleaning, repair, and maintaining, with ease as per standard safety regulations.

Why hire Rope Access Solutions for Atrium Maintenance?

Having been in the industry for over half a decade now, we are aware of the existing atrium cleaning standards for commercial properties and as such, we always strive to offer a pristine and value-for-money service to every client. As customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, we keep our service resilient enough to be opted for at any specific time that suits the working hours of our patrons. Before taking over any job, we also assess all the details of it meticulously to ensure the best outcome. In other words, our experts always make sure that the task at hand gets done right.

The solutions offered as a part of our complete atrium maintenance include the following:
  • Post-construction cleanup
  • Signs and banners placement and removal
  • Atrium wall painting
  • Chandelier installation, replacement and cleaning
  • Tiles installation, replacement and cleaning
  • Ceiling repair and painting
  • Drywall installation
  • Bulb cleaning and replacement
  • High to reach area cleaning
  • Christmas decoration setup and removal
And much more... So next time you find dust accumulated on your atrium, need a bulb changed, decoration setup or removal, an element in your atrium to be repaired, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Rope Access Solutions.

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