Our business integrates our core values to deliver projects solutions across the Alberta market and allow our clients the benefits and advantages of using our unique methods.

ROPE ACCESS is the most effective way to carry out any type of building or structure maintenance because we don’t require scaffolding or lifts that are extremely costly. Our specialists apply the techniques in a wide variety of environments from the most difficult locations to the widest and tallest buildings using only a two-rope system. Small maintenance repairs on the side of your building can get costly if not fixed quickly. Whether it’s a leaking window, cracked concrete, missing siding, peeling stucco, electricity issues, or eavestrough and gutter issues, our team of experts will find an affordable solution.

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS prides itself as one of the leading window cleaning and pressure washing companies in Alberta. Our...

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Building Envelope Repair

* Brick and Concrete
* Flashing
* Vinyl Decking
* Window Repair & Replacement
* Wood Recovery
* Siding / cladding

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Caulking & Sealing

Buildings must have protective components, which would seal gaps and prevent problems especially with water from the rain or...

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Eavestrough, Gutter & Fascia Services

One of the most common problems of building owners is the eavestrough, gutter and fascia on the roof of...

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Brick Replacement & Concrete Repair

Whether it is a major or a minor concrete crack that need repair, or bricks that need repair or...

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Winter Services

While winter snow and ice can be beautiful to look at you might not be aware of the damages...

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Heat Trace System Installation

We offer affordable heat tracing solutions to make your winters in Alberta a bit more tolerable. With snow building...

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As experienced height services technicians with the skills to fix roof problems, we understand fully the meaning and value...

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vinyl decking
Vinyl Deck Construction & Repair

When thinking of outdoor decking options, vinyl and composite are excellent consumer choice for builders and individuals, for both...

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inspection icon
Commercial Inspection

ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS work with engineers hand to hand from start to finish “A stitch in time saves nine.”...

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Windows Repair & Installation

We have the most advanced equipment for window installation no matter how high your building is. Leave the windows...

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Atrium & Confined Space Cleaning and Maintenance

We at ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS specialize in performing atrium cleanup and maintenance for commercial establishments in Edmonton, Alberta! Atriums...

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At Rope Access Solutions, we respect the requests of each client and are committed to offering superb window cleaning services. The service is provided on time, our experts are well-equipped and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


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