We offer affordable heat tracing solutions to make your winters in Alberta a bit more tolerable.

With snow building up fast, pipes and tanks freeze. Ice dams are inevitably formed on roofs and might cause indoor water leakage. What you need is eco-friendly heat trace and deicing solutions to avoid accidents, water damage, and inconveniences during the winter months. At Rope Access Solutions, we offer what you need in Edmonton, Alberta. Our company can recommend the best solutions for your residence or commercial property. We have a trained staff in our business to help you with your needs and provide:

What's the purpose of heat trace and deicing systems?

Simply put, heat traces have the meaning of thermal insulation. They cover pipes, vessels or other equipment to prevent heat losses. The element keeps the pipes from getting affected by low or fluctuating temperatures to maintain their inner temperatures. So the pipes are protected and water flows without a problem. With heat trace system installation expertise, our technicians make sure the equipment is fully and well covered for the avoidance of breakage or heat loss. We can provide you with the best materials on the market and do the job according to your property's needs. The right roof deicing system will keep snow from accumulating on the roof. We place a heat trace cable on your property's roof to help ice melt. In a different case, water forming the ice dams might find its way into your property damaging your walls, ceilings, and floors and potentially causing mold growth. We can also put a gutter heat trace cable to create an opening in the accumulated snow or ice for the melted water to flow through.

We would be more than happy to discuss your project, advise you of costs involved, and provide you with valuable and practical advice!


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We specialize in roof heat trace systems.

Our experts specialize in heat trace system installation services and can carry out the project at a convenient time for you. The elements we use are of excellent quality and can be cut to fit any equipment. Whether you need a new roof heat trace or to prevent gutters from clogging, allow us to winterize your property and spare you from the trouble of potential water damage.

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