Whether it is a major or a minor concrete crack that need repair, or bricks that need repair or replacement, we can fix it. Damaged concrete or loose brick walls at commercial and apartment buildings can be trusted to us. We do effective concrete cracks repair, and seamless brick replacement, and fix the problem. With expertise in brick replacement, and concrete repairs in Edmonton, Alberta, Rope Access Solutions can help any client. Our professionals are trained concrete repair specialists with the skills to fix concrete, and brick damage and help surfaces withstand temperature fluctuations and natural wear over the years. With our work, we ensure structural stability and excellent aesthetic results.

Concrete cracks

Do you see a concrete wall, or concrete surface at your building cracked? Could be on your driveway, garage floor, concrete porch or sidewalk. We offer concrete crack solutions. Temperature fluctuations, improper application of concrete and coatings, and natural wear can cause damage to concrete surfaces. Although cracks are not completely avoidable, they must be treated right away. If not, water will go through the cracks endangering the structure’s stability and possibly causing mold expansion. For safety, aesthetic and practical reasons, concrete damage must be fixed and we are here to help you.

We use the best materials to seal cracks depending on the structure and the extent of the problem. We can fix small or big concrete cracks on building walls and do the job as fast as possible. Our technicians come equipped with the tools they need for the job and the patch work is done with great attention to details so that we can deliver aesthetically high results.

With our fast concrete cracks repair service, damage is quickly restored and further problems caused by rain and other elements are avoided. All products used for the patch work are of the highest quality to ensure long-lasting solutions. We always show up on time and are ready to do the repair work at the tallest apartment or commercial building. As height service specialists, we have the lifting equipment required for such tasks. Our team consists of reliable technicians with a friendly attitude and great experience who can guarantee effective concrete cracks repair work. If you want more information about our service or to schedule an appointment, do call us.

Brick replacement

Does your brick wall need repair done? Like most building materials, brick is subject the wear and tear that comes with age. Damaged brickwork is not only aesthetically unappealing, it can cause structural damage as well. Brick naturally absorbs moisture, however, low quality materials and poor construction can cause excess absorption and damage. Exterior walls of the structure are particularly prone to problems as they are in constant contact with the outdoor elements. Areas of brick that are exposed to constant water flow, such as faulty drain spouts, can be especially vulnerable. Efflorescence, is a white crystal-like stain on the brick, resulting from moisture inside pushing sulphates to the surface. During the constant freeze/thaw cycle of winter, moisture that has penetrated the brick can freeze and expand. This causes spalling, which is when brick breaks apart and deteriorates. Any non-breathable sealants applied to brick, trap moisture, also resulting in spalling. It’s always important to monitor areas of brick that are near the ground, moist soil, window sills, downspouts or any other areas exposed to excess moisture.

Regularly inspect your brick walls and have any damage repaired as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of the damage, a quick brick replacement may be all you need. Brick can be replaced by removing the damaged brick and surrounding mortar, replacing with new materials. If the installation is not done correctly, you can end up with the same problem, resulting in a costly repair. Delaying repairs can result in extensive damage, significantly increasing costs. Our expertise and precision allows for a quick repair of your damaged brickwork. We take the utmost care in all our repairs, and can offer the advice and solutions you need. Contact Rope Access Solutions for all your brickwork, and brick replacement needs.

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