We are in the business of Caulking Control and Prevention and make sure windows, eaves, flashing and every other element on your roof is sealed properly with the right caulks for leak prevention.

Buildings must have protective components, which would seal gaps and prevent problems especially with water from the rain or melting snow.  We are trained, have top equipment and use high quality caulks for long-lasting and resistant sealing. The technicians of our Rope Access Solutions in Edmonton provide maintenance service, replace the current and ruined caulks, and are here to take care of urgent problems.

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As experts in windows caulking installation, we make sure the right caulking is used for their proper insulation. We install and repair caulks in windows at the lowest and highest parts of your building and thanks to our services, you will pay less on your utility bills and avoid leaking problems. If you have problems today, you can trust our window caulking repair Edmonton specialists, who can offer their service fast. As experts in height services in Edmonton, we have the appropriate equipment and would plan nicely our caulking control services at the highest parts of your building. With our Caulking Control and Prevention services, you will forget about leaking issues. All parts of your house will be checked and sealed properly so that you won't have issues with water penetrating your home during the winter. Where you cannot reach, we do! With our special equipment and our training, you can be sure that all parts of your roof will be caulked to perfection.

We would be more than happy to discuss your project, advise you of costs involved, and provide you with valuable and practical advice!


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Our technicians are experienced and use the right caulks depending on your needs and of the highest quality in Alberta. We excel in flashing caulking and make sure that the points where roof parts intersect are properly sealed. The joints of chimneys, parapets and other roof elements are vulnerable since they contract and expand depending on the temperatures. The right caulks must be used to make joints watertight. With our excellent roof caulking services, we guarantee that you will have no leaking problems this winter or the next. Our services are excellent and long lasting because we caulk joints together perfectly, do a careful and meticulous work, and are experts in our domain. Trust the caulking services of Edmonton Rope Access Solutions and be free of winter problems.

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