Top 7 Benefits of Using Rope Access

The Top 7 Benefits of Using Rope Access

When we talk about high-rise window cleaning, you probably picture a couple of men on a scaffold high above the city. While scaffolding is one of the most well-known methods of working at heights, rope access is actually the better solution for this high-risk job.

Since most people don’t know exactly what the benefits of using rope access are, the Rope Access Solutions team wanted to share the top 7 reasons clients choose to use our services instead of traditional access methods.  

  1.    Safe

Working while suspended may seem risky, but our methods are actually safer than traditional methods for working at heights. Less equipment means less room for malfunctions.

Our training is also advanced. Most commonly, technicians are trained through IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. IRATA member companies ensure their employees undergo rope access training and are all IRATA level 3 rope access certified. The other most common training is SPRAT, Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians, training. Every company in rope access knows the importance of maintaining high safety standards in their work to ensure excellent results every time.

  1.    Flexible

Rope access requires much less equipment and preparation than traditional access methods. Our access method requires minimal space and can be done without the timely set up of equipment like scaffolding. This means we can be much more flexible in where and when our technicians set up, which allows us to quickly and easily access, clean, inspect, or repair your structure, inside and out.

  1.    Efficient

Not only are our methods flexible, they’re quick. We don’t rely on large equipment to get the job done. This means we don’t spend as much time on set up or take down and we don’t require a large crew, allowing us to get to work on your building much quicker than other methods. And getting to work quickly means fewer disruptions for you.

  1.    Cost Effective

You’ve heard that time is money. In this case, that’s true! Your cost for work at heights is affected by the time, equipment, and manpower that go into the job. Using rope access, we don’t require a large team of men or costly time-consuming equipment. Our team can get to work quickly, so you aren’t paying for extra expenses. With rope access, we’re able to help save you money on the tasks that need to get done to maintain and clean your building.

  1.    Accesses Difficult to Reach Places

Every building has awkward corners and inaccessible spaces that still need to be maintained. Fortunately, these spaces are only inaccessible for traditional access methods. Our methods allow us to access and work on even the most hard-to-reach places in your building. We can work virtually anywhere, inside or out.

  1.    Unobtrusive

You don’t want a building inspection or cleaning to disrupt the people who live and work in and around your building. Traditional methods can be noisy, obstruct views, and disrupt people’s day-to-day lives. When you use Rope Access Solutions, there’s no bulky, noisy, or obtrusive equipment on or around your building. We’ll be in and out quickly, without any major disruptions.

  1.    Environmentally Friendly

Our rope access systems allow us to safely and effectively access every part of your building with less environmental impact than other access methods. The IRATA rope access association’s standards ensure there is “no damage to property or harm to the environment”. There’s no exhaust or harmful fumes from equipment and machines. Once we’re gone, it’s like we weren’t even there at all!

From cost savings to environmental protection, rope access benefits everyone involved. To learn more about what the team at Rope Access Solutions can do for you, visit our services page or book an appointment for a consultation and quote.

5 Activities Made Easier by Rope Access

Rope access is a fairly new and growing industry. But because it’s so new, many people don’t realize the benefits or how rope access can benefit them in their businesses or even in their personal lives. To help you learn more, we’ve put together a list of its most common applications.

What is Rope Access?

Before we begin, it’s important to know what rope access is. Essentially, it’s an incredibly safe and cost effective way to work at heights. Rather than relying on scaffolding or lifts, trained professionals work while suspended. Using this method, rope access technicians can access and work on buildings at heights without the heavy and often dangerous equipment other methods require.

This makes it much more cost effective than traditional access methods. Plus, rope access doesn’t interrupt the day-to-day flow of traffic in your business or building. Rope access is quickly becoming the most effective and efficient way to complete jobs at heights.

Is It Really Safer?

Yes, rope access really does provide a safer alternative to traditional access methods. Two governing bodies, SPRAT and IRATA, regulate the industry. A company with SPRAT certification is one recognized for their ability and credibility. IRATA’s rope access training is unparalleled. IRATA level 3 rope access technicians are some of the best trained in the industry. Rope access training is highly regulated to ensure all technicians maintain the highest level of safety in their work.

Rope Access Applications

Because this is such a versatile and growing industry, many people aren’t sure what these access methods can be used for. Rope access services can be used in a wide range of industries and for many different uses.


When your building, bridge, or high-rise is damaged, or needs to be updated or repaired, rope access is likely the best solution. Technicians get up close to complete repairs and maintenance, such as leaks, cracks, or painting. They can help you replace cracked windows or damaged balconies. With our help, you can keep your building looking its best all year round.


You know you can keep your building or facility operating smoothly with regular inspections. However, traditional methods don’t get as close to your building, meaning they may miss important details in their inspection. Our technicians, however, have the freedom to move and inspect every part of your building. They perform visual and photo inspections so you know ensure nothing is overlooked.


Come spring, every building seems to be covered in a layer of dirt that needs to be washed. Cleaning your building can prolong the lifespan of your building’s exterior and help put your best foot forward. This spring, rather than paying for a traditional building washing service, why not try a rope access solution? We remove debris and dirt from your building to leave it streak-free and spotless.


Installations at height aren’t simple. Your regular maintenance team likely won’t be able to care of it themselves. Fortunately, whether you need new windows, flashing, or heat tracing systems installed, rope access can help. Trained technicians work at heights with ease to make sure your installations are completed quickly, safely, and properly.


That’s right. While this is a much less conventional use, many filmmakers and photographers will employ rope access in their work to help get the perfect shot. Our techs can position a camera in just the right spot or can help provide an extra measure of safety if the crew is working at heights.

Are you ready to begin using this exciting new method to support your business? Our certified rope access technicians are ready to help you inspect, maintain, repair and more! Give Rope Access Solutions a call to book an appointment for spring cleaning, inspections, and maintenance!

Detect and Prevent Leaks in Your Building with Rope Access Inspections

When you think of water damage, you probably think of a leak or a flood in your home. Maybe you’re worried about a leaking water heater, a damaged quarter turn ball valve or valve controller, or even a sudden dip in your home’s water pressure. However, water damage isn’t always caused by something inside your building; it’s also caused by the elements.

Water damage is one of the biggest risks any building faces. It might not be something you think about if you live or work in a high-rise building. But even if you work a thousand feet in the air, there’s still a risk of water damage. Both rain and snow can cause damaging leaks, pooling, and run off. If left alone, this water damage can end up costing you thousands.

How Does Rope Access Help?

When it comes to commercial water damage rope access can help you in three key ways: prevention, detection, and repair.

Leak Prevention

Don’t wait until it’s to late! Keep your building leak free. If you want to avoid costly damage, leak prevention systems are the best option for you. Rope access inspections are like a guardian in leak prevention. They can help you prevent leaks in a few ways:

  • Look for potential leaks
  • Assess areas of concern like windows and roofs
  • Ensure you have proper caulking and sealing around windows
  • Ensure your flashing is installed correctly

Don’t let water damage sneak up on you. Make sure to regularly inspect and maintain your building to avoid a costly bill in the future.

Leak Detection

It’s always best to detect leaks before they start. Unfortunately, you sometimes don’t catch a leak until it’s too late. However, you can still detect water leaks before they need serious repair. Our team at Rope Access Solutions are expert leak detectors. Our leak detection services can help you:

  • Detect any leaks present
  • Determine the cause of the leak
  • Assess any damage

Make sure you have an expert inspect your building as soon as you suspect a leak. If you aren’t sure, give us a call. A rope access inspection can let you know if you need any repair work before it becomes a major expense and hassle.

Leak Repair

If you’ve discovered any water damage, you need repair it now. Leaks aren’t something you can ignore or put off. The longer you wait to repair the leak and resulting damage, the more costly it’ll be. At Rope Access Solutions we’re pros at repairing water damage. If you suspect any damage, be sure to check with one of our techs to see what the problem might be and how it can be checked and solved.

Book Regular Inspections

The best way to protect your building from water damage is to have it regularly inspected. Rope access allows us to get a much closer look at your building so you can know what’s really going on. When it comes to leak prevention and repair in Edmonton, Rope Access Solutions can assess and repair damage at a fair price with minimal disruption. By booking an inspection, you can stop water damage from further damaging your building – or even stop a leak from starting.

Book Your Commercial Inspection Now

Protect your home, commercial building, or condominium with our expert leak detection, prevention, and repair services. If you notice water stains or are worried about leaks in your building give Rope Access Solutions a call.

Emergency Commercial Building Repair

With winter coming, it becomes even more important to be sure your residential and commercial buildings are secure from the harsh elements. While you can be proactive in protecting your building by maintaining it and having regular inspections, you may still find yourself needing emergency commercial building repair.


If your residential or commercial building is in need of emergency repair, you the issue fixed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our emergency services can catch potential issues before they form and help repair damages caused. Some of the emergency services we provide are:


Leak Prevention and Detection

Water may be your building’s worst enemy. Water causes leaks which very often cause lasting, structural damage to your building. Unfortunately, nothing can stop the rain or snow that cause your windows, and roof to leak. Fortunately, there are methods of leak prevention.


When it comes to water damage, you need to be proactive and find the leak before it’s an issue and you can do this by hiring an expert leak detector. Once you’ve detected the leak, or if you’ve detected it too late, you will need building repair. Most often if the leak is caught early on, before real damage has occured, emergency caulking will seal the leak and ensure there is no further damage. If the leak has begun to cause damage to your building you will need repair services to fix the damage as well as repair the leak.


Glass Repair and Maintenance

Your windows protect you, and your building, from the elements, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But even the best windows need to be replaced over time. If you don’t repair or replace the glass in your windows, your building is much more likely to have moisture build up or even leaks, causing rot and leaving you needing emergency window services.


Today, most window glass isn’t even glass, it’s a lead-free vinyl (PVC). Vinyl has become more popular in recent years because of its durability. In order to keep your building secure, you will need to regularly look in to glass repair or replacement services. Many companies will have glass services that include inspections before making recommendations for repairs or replacement. Don’t forget when you’re looking in to window repair to also have your glass doors inspected. It is not just your window glass that may need replacement.


Ice Dam Removal

Winter snow and ice may be beautiful, but they can cause serious damage to your building. In the winter, leaking, melting ice and snow may form an ice dam on the side of your building, causing damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.


This occurs when the snow melts on your roof and begins to freeze before it fully drains, creating a massive icicle. Water that backs up behind the dam can cause a leak in to your home. This most often happens near gutters because they are typically close to heated spaces of the building, for example exhaust fans. Have your gutters and roof inspected to ease their load and catch a dam before it forms.


By using rope access, we are able to get up close to your building and see potential issues more easily. We can catch issues before they form and can more accurately assess any damage that may have occurred.


You deserve 24 hour peace of mind when it comes to your home or commercial space. Don’t let the rain or snow dampen your mood or damage your building. Make sure to book an inspection with Rope Access Solutions to keep your building in top condition and catch issues before they start.

Commercial High Rise Inspection

Commercial High Rise Inspection in Edmonton

Like any other building, your commercial building requires regular inspections to ensure it is up to current safety codes. It’s important that you conduct regular skyscraper inspections. This will help you catch any hazardous conditions that may contribute to the development of dangerous conditions in your building. At Rope Access Solutions we are able to provide thorough, reliable commercial high rise inspection.

Why Do I Need a High Rise Inspection?

Weather in Edmonton can be severe. This extreme weather can cause damage to the exterior of commercial buildings.  A commercial building inspection can catch building damages before they become serious structural issues.

The exterior envelope of your building – including the windows, siding, and roof – needs to be regularly inspected. You need to know that your building is free of any expensive surprises. Property condition assessment reports give you a detailed picture of the state of your building and any potential issues. An inspection report from an engineer can help increase the life-span and value of your commercial building.

A Commercial Inspection Includes:

Commercial inspections can include, but are not limited to, inspections for your:


Roofs are inspected to detect any leaks or potential leaks, and to remove any birds’ nests or roosting places.

Roof Elements

Roof elements include chimneys, vents, cornices, ornamental elements, or gutters. All of these should be properly flashed to avoid leaks. Gutters are also inspected so to ensure they are free of debris.


This is anything that adds to the architecture of the building (for example doors, windows, vents, or skylights). These elements are all inspected for proper weather stripping.

Exterior Wall Material

A proper facade inspection looks at the masonry or siding on the building. The paint or other finishes on the building facade should be checked for signs of wear from weather.

Exterior Ceilings and Decks

Both ceilings and decks are inspected for signs of insects or rot to see if an exterminator is needed.

Safe, In-Depth Inspections of Your Building

Industrial rope access offers safe, thorough commercial facade inspection reports at heights where access is difficult. Most commercial building inspectors do not use industrial rope access for commercial building inspection. They use methods such as snooper trucks or drones which are more expensive for the building owner. Additionally, these methods do not allow for a comprehensive look at the building facade.

Rope Access Solutions provides a much more in-depth commercial inspection than our competitors. Using rope access, our inspectors go where others can’t. They get up close to your building, providing better detail for building reports. This provides both time and cost benefits. Because there is no noisy equipment there is less disruption to the building’s occupants. There is also greater detail in the inspection report which allows for a more specific repair plan.They can use this access to provide an office building inspection that includes live video feeds, detailed reports, and documentation.

Ready to book your commercial building inspection? Contact Rope Access Solutions now!

Why Regular Caulking & Waterproofing is Important for a Building

Many buildings do not have a regular repair or maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, this often leaves buildings at risk of leaking air or water, both of which can be costly and damaging. This problem is easily and affordably solved using a waterproof and airtight sealant called caulk.

What is Caulking?

Caulk is a waterproof filler and sealant that is often applied during building envelope repairs. When caulking a building, repair and maintenance crews using a caulking gun to apply the sealant to gaps, seams, and joints. Repair crews may use latex, acrylic, or silicone caulking for different applications.

Caulking has many benefits. First, it prevents leaks of air. In turn, this can help preserve indoor temperatures and humidity. Second, it prevents water from seeping indoors, preventing leaks, mildew, and mould. Finally, caulking provides a smooth and even finish for aesthetic purposes when it’s done properly by a professional.

Why Do Commercial Buildings Need Regular Caulking?

Commercial buildings are prone to wear and tear. This means caulking may crack, pull away, or break off over time. Making matters worse, important areas of commercial buildings can prove difficult to access. For example, a sunroof in an older building may not have been sealed properly for decades. This results in an extreme loss of energy, and therefore, a far greater cost for utilities.

Unlike many maintenance, repair, and cleaning companies, Rope Access Solutions provides caulking for all surfaces we come in contact with at each service, both interior and exterior. This ensures your building is always as energy efficient and waterproof as possible. If previous caulking has pulled away, new caulking can easily be applied to fill the gap.

What is a Backer Rod?

Large gaps may requires a backer rod. A backer rod is a rope-shaped piece of foam that is inserted into large gaps before caulking. It has cells that help absorb and connect with the sealant. One of the main benefits of backer rods is in helping the caulking stick to all surfaces for a tight seal that won’t move.

Caulking in Cold Weather

Many people believe that caulking can’t be done in cold Alberta winters. While it’s not recommended that you DIY caulking in cold temperatures, commercial repair crews like Rope Access Solutions can perform caulking in cold temperatures. It requires specific materials and techniques.

Door & Window Caulking Repairs

Caulking is often applied to windows and doors, where heat and energy are at the greatest risk of being lost. If you’ve noticed drafts in your building or around your entrances – even when doors are closed – it’s a good sign that you need to reseal these areas.

The Benefits of Using Rope Access for Building Envelope Caulking

Traditional access methods often do not allow for proper caulking at heights, or in confined spaces. By using less equipment, rope access technicians are more easily able to shift into tight and hard-to-reach spaces. This means we can ensure complete and perfectly sealed caulking for our commercial clients.

According to the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association: “The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations in order to carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations, surrounding areas and the environment.”

Most rope access crews are able to perform commercial caulking on both the interior and exterior of a any building, including high rises. Due to the lack of equipment, hiring a rope access crew can help save money on extensive repairs or regular maintenance.

Need More Information?

If you’d like more information about caulking for commercial buildings, or other repair and maintenance solutions, contact us at Rope Access Solutions. We’ll be happy to answer questions and help you decide if it’s the right time to schedule maintenance and repairs for your building or complex.

Building Envelope Repairs

What Are Building Envelope Repairs & Why Are They Important

Building is a science. Creating a building that stands the test of time is an important process. Almost equally as important are regular repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. Old or new, any commercial building in Edmonton should have a maintenance schedule. That includes hard to reach areas such as confined spaces and heights.

What is a Building Envelope?

The City of Edmonton defines a building envelope as “the physical separator – the walls, roof and foundation – between the inside and outside of the building. The design, configuration and performance of the building envelope has a direct impact on your comfort, home heating bill and your home maintenance costs.”

It guards against the transfer of three things:

  • Air
  • Thermal energy (heat and cold)
  • Moisture

Any or all of these may transfer from from the interior space to the exterior of the building, or vice versa, if the envelope is unstable or becomes damaged.

Why Envelope Repairs Are Important

The transfer of air, thermal energy, and moisture has damaging effects on buildings in Edmonton. Building design and construction typically reflects our extreme seasonal changes. However, wear and tear can affect the most solidly built structures. That’s why it’s important to complete repairs on both the interior and exterior of any building in Edmonton.

Regular maintenance is the best option, even for new buildings. A regularly scheduled maintenance plan helps keep the structure of the building intact. Here are a few benefits of regular repairs:

Safety & Cost-Savings

Small repairs to an envelope are important, but the RAS crew can also help spot big problems before they worsen. That leads to cost-savings because we can often slow or fix the problem to prevent massive repairs or construction. It also increases safety for everyone using the building.

Better Energy Efficiency

Your thermal envelope acts as a barrier to heat and cold. An envelope system that hasn’t been maintained is often leaky. That means you lose heated or air conditioned air through the envelope. It also allows outside air inside.

Caulking around windows and doors is an important aspect of energy efficiency. A maintenance crew should be recaulking every time they have the opportunity to do so.

Improved Air Quality

The interior environment of a building should always be as clean as possible. Clean air contains less allergens, bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful substances. Air ventilation systems often have filtration components to help keep air clean. Checking, cleaning, and fixing air barriers and air filtration systems helps improve the air quality of a building.

Long Term Structural Soundness

As buildings age, their components may wear out. Certain materials will deteriorate or shift. Even small issues such as minimal cracks in concrete can easily escalate.

All the parts of a building envelope work together. That’s why it’s important to have repairs done on both the interior and exterior of a building. Often, problems on one side will be the result of an issue on the other side. With regular checks and fixes on both, the longevity of a building is greatly improved.

Important Components of Building Envelope Repair

Our team looks at all structural and facade repairs when we’re working so nothing is missed. Depending on your building envelope design, we will examine, repair, or report on:

  • Insulation
  • Windows and caulking
  • Doors and caulking
  • Ventilation and air filtration systems
  • Crack control joints and concrete slabs
  • Roof, ceilings, and support controls
  • Building enclosure and exterior cladding systems

Crack Control Joints

Concrete can expand and contract with heat and cold. That often causes cracks. Cracks are problematic because they allow moisture to seep through.

Control joints are used to allow slight movement in specific parts of larger slabs. This prevents random cracking. Instead, it creates “controlled cracking” in specific places.

Exterior Wall Cladding Systems

A cladding system is a panel system used on the exterior of a building. It covers up the material below. It’s often used for aesthetic purposes.

Due to the exterior placement, cladding systems can become damaged or worn. This compromises the structural integrity of the building.

When Will You Schedule Your Next Building Envelope Repair?

RAS provides full-service building envelope repairs in Edmonton. Our minimalistic equipment is safer, less disruptive, and less damaging to your building. We regularly clean and repair hotels, malls, government buildings, condo complexes, and more in Edmonton.

To learn more about scheduling maintenance, or how we can help protect your building for decades to come, call us today.  

Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Confined Space Cleaning

Why Safe Confined Space Cleaning is Absolutely Necessary for Customer Health at Malls, Hotels & Hospitals

High traffic buildings generate a lot of dust, dirt, allergens, and even chemical residue. Doors constantly opening and closing, people and objects coming and going, and ongoing construction work and updates to the space can create a hazardous atmosphere. That’s why buildings such as shopping centres, malls, hotels, and hospitals usually have excellent commercial cleaning services. In many cases, an internal janitorial service keeps spaces like entryways, foyers and rooms clean.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for these services to reach high ceilings and partially enclosed spaces. Cleaning in these areas can be very dangerous. Special equipment is necessary, as well as safety training. That’s where Rope Access Solutions can help.

Safe Cleaning During Any Hours with
No Interruptions to Work

confined space cleaning Edmonton

Hotels and hospitals are open 24/7. That means cleaning and maintenance cannot interrupt business. Patient and guest comfort and well-being is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, high ceiling and confined space cleaners often need machines and heavy equipment to get the job done. That means interruptions and noise.

At Rope Access Solutions, we perform cleaning without all the equipment. That makes it safer for us and for patrons. We won’t need to block off big spaces or create noise interruptions. In fact, our equipment is so minimal, we’re barely noticed when we’re cleaning! It’s also safer, because there isn’t the risk of ladders being knocked over, equipment moving around, etc.

Specific Challenges for Cleaning & Their Solutions

Mall Cleaning

Malls are extremely high traffic. The high volume of people coming and going from a mall means more dust and dirt will be tracked in.

While we’re doing your cleaning, we can also perform maintenance, caulking, and set up of banner, signs, decorations, and anything else you need!

Hotel Cleaning

Hotel housekeeping is very important to the health and safety of hotel patrons. Guests have a keen eye for cleanliness when they visit a hotel. That’s why hotels need to maintain a clean look at all times, and in all spaces. Performing regular high ceiling and confined space maintenance and cleaning can help. It will also save housekeeping staff some work, as there will be less dust and dirt floating around from the ceiling.

Hospital Cleaning

Hospital sanitary standards are very high. Keeping patients healthy is the top priority. Pure, clean air and surfaces are essential. In order to maintain excellent sanitation, spaces that are hard to reach have to be cleaned regularly. Safe equipment, use of chemicals, and cleaning procedures ensure that dust is trapped and locked in during cleaning.

High Ceiling Cleaning for Any Space

  • Confined Space Entry and Monitor
  • Commercial and industrial cleaning services
  • Custom service with many options
  • Maintenance and window caulking services rolled into cleaning for savings
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning
  • Safety checks and testing

We also provide confined space and high ceiling cleaning for other types of businesses. Rope Access Solutions offers atrium cleaning, office cleaning, and government building cleaning services. For any large space, confined space, or partially enclosed space, we are your best option.

Call us today to learn how we can schedule regular maintenance with your cleaning to save you money!

atrium cleaning edmonton

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