ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS offers a variety of services for those difficult to access locations.


about-imgEquipped with durable, high tech rope access equipment, our technicians are fully supported and safe when they maintain your buildings. The technology of such equipment and the techniques deployed for the performance of any job both evolve, but so does our company. We constantly invest in new equipment in order to provide safe infrastructures for our own workers and ensure the job of the client will be done with precision.

Rope Access Solutions gives you the chance to forget about dirty windows, gutter problems and roof ice concentration. With services ranging from commercial and residential building maintenance, pressure washing and eavestrough cleaning and repair to bird control, high dusting and winter services, we cover everyone’s needs.

With our qualifications, up to date training and cutting-edge equipment, we offer cost-effective, versatile and modern rope access solutions to both commercial and residential clients.

Our systems are installed and dismantled quickly. So there is no waste of time or money, and minimum disruption to your operations. We can arrange an appointment for a mall or office high dusting and to repair the damaged eavestrough, but we can also arrange weekly window cleaning services. Each job is done with the best products available and by personnel with great experience and skills.

The rope access technique is the best, fastest and safest method to inspect the condition of your roofs, gutters and all high locations. At Rope Access Solutions, we have taken a step further and cover all height services.

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ROPE ACCESS SOLUTION was established in 2010 by Gal Levain whose aim was to bring solutions to solve high, vertical access problems that would be exceptionally safe, effective and affordable. Firmly established in Edmonton, Alberta, we operate throughout the Alberta industry as rope access specialist providers on residential condos and towers, commercial, and industrial projects. ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS prides itself as one of the leading companies in Alberta. Our team of highly trained specialists has the right equipment, expertise, and people for any building envelope project on residential high-rise and low-rise condominiums or towers, commercial buildings or industrial facilities.

We would be more than happy to discuss your project, advise you of costs involved, and provide you with valuable and practical advice!


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Our business integrates our core values to deliver projects solutions across the Alberta market and allow our clients the benefits and advantages of using our unique methods.

ROPE ACCESS is the most effective way to carry out any type of building or structure maintenance because we don't require scaffolding or lifts that are extremely costly. Our specialists apply the techniques in a wide variety of environments from the most difficult locations to the widest and tallest buildings using only a two-rope system. Small maintenance repairs on the side of your building can get costly if not fixed quickly. Whether it's a leaking window, cracked concrete, missing siding, peeling stucco, electricity issues, or eavestrough and gutter issues, our team of experts will find an affordable solution.

ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS IS WCB insured and carry liability insurance. Our Team Upholds an enviable safety record with no fatalities and minimal lost time incidents while working on a rope.

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