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Rope Access Solutions is specialized in giving affordable and professional services to any vertical access project without the need for heavy equipment such as scaffolding, swing stages, cranes or booms. Whether you are an individual looking for a building envelope specialist, or a company looking for contractor partnership on any building envelope restoration, rehabilitation, and remediation, Rope Access is the Solution! Our Rope access capabilities allow us to complete investigation and studies for different building envelope maintenance or repairs at heights. Some of the services we provide are concrete inspection and restoration, window replacement, masonry repairs, exterior insulation and finish systems, and much more for commercial and industrial establishments.

Building Envelope Repair

* Brick and Concrete
* Flashing
* Vinyl Decking
* Window Repair & Replacement
* Wood Recovery
* Siding / cladding

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Building Envelope Maintenance

* Window Cleaning
* Pressure Washing
* Caulking and Sealing
* Gutters Repair and Cleaning

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Rope Access Services

* Atriums
* Bridges
* Banners
* Artwork, and Christmas Decor
* Lifting Services

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Contractors Partnership

* Heat Trace
* Building Envelope Inspection

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Building Envelope Maintenance & Repair

  • Fully Insured

  • WCB Certified


Why Choose Us?

You have plenty of good reasons for choosing Rope Access Solutions for your height service projects. We don't only offer quality services within pre-arranged timelines and with respect to building codes, but are also pioneers of the most advanced techniques for building envelope maintenance and repairs in Edmonton, AB. Forget about scaffolding, cranes, booms, swing stages and other heavy equipment. Our company is proudly the first business in Edmonton to use the advanced rope access solutions in order to paint, caulk, clean gutters, repair your roofs, clean windows and offer a wide range of more height services. Why should you be interested in such new techniques? The job is done faster since we don't have to set up heavy equipment. We save time and thus reduce your expenses. So far the cost of scaffolding alone was the same as completing an entire project with the new rope access solutions. Rope access is the latest technique in the building industry but not yet adopted by other companies across Alberta. We are proud to be the very first company in Edmonton to provide height services with the most sophisticated and affordable access rope techniques. We cover all your height service needs with the most advanced systems guaranteeing fast and more affordable work with the quality service our company is reputed about. Want to know more? Contact us!   Get an Estimate

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