Your Window On The World

Never underestimate the power windows have to influence a room and the people in it. A spotlessly clean window that allows in unimpeded light is worth a million bucks, while, on the other hand, a streaky, dingy window speaks loudly of its negligent care-givers. You could almost say, an establishment’s windows, like a man’s shoes, are very telling.

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Deck Time

Okay, Albertans, it’s time to get those decks ready for spring. You won’t want to miss one day of that glorious weather that’s about to arrive. When spring has sprung, you’ll want to reinstitute that outdoor deck, porch and/or patio, set up a few tables and lounge chairs and break out the iced tea. But, before you do, call Rope Access Solutions and let us help you get everything ship-shape.

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Why We Should Inspect Our Properties and Structures

These days a most important challenge the builders were facing is the unanticipated revelation during the refurbishment. As you cannot view the real materials behind the constructions, so getting the right structures for structures seems crucial for the investors. Also a person, who desires to purchase a new property, will certainly examine the edifice as a whole.

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Are Your Gutters Clean?

Gutters cleaning tasks are not easy. The weather is not friendly and cleaning gutters tasks are kind of risky. That’s one reason why you should hire an expert for the job. Why is it important to keep gutters clean? Gutters free of elements can channel water off the property without damaging it. In a different case, prepare to spend a rather big amount for water damage restoration and building repairs and get ready to deal with indoor leaks.

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Leaks Again? Read How to Control Them

If you think that appliance leakage is a nightmare, wait till you have roof leak problems. That’s even worst! The minute you see discolorations on the ceiling or start searching for buckets to collect water dripping from the roof, you’d better act quickly. Roof leaks can become a major problem because they will cause irreparable ceiling damage and make the structure unsafe. Water can land in your property through window frames and sidings as well. Lack of property maintenance takes its toll since it can lead to leak control and prevention of further problems.

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How Expert Can You Be in Window Cleaning

You might think a sponge and a window cleaning solution will do the trick, but windows need much more than that. One might even wonder why one must be an expert in order to wash windows. And here is why:

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Clogged Eavestroughs? Beware of Leaks

They might not be high-tech, but eavestroughs are still part of the property’s water drainage system. Their role is important since they allow rain water and melted snow water to flow and come out and away from your home through the downspout. If water flow is obstructed in any way, you will have water leaks indoors. The problem can be very serious if the basement floods or water destroys the ceiling. Everything about eavestroughs is important. From their installation to their maintenance, every little thing about gutters is essential since it is related to your home’s stability and overall expenses.

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3 Things You Should Know About High-Rise Window Washing

High rise buildings are a challenge to most building owners or maintenance companies.  Especially when it comes to window washing.  It can be costly and very time consuming. Here are 3 things to consider before venturing off on a windows cleaning: 1. how difficult is it to reach the windows 2. how safe is the access on the high rise 3. how many window panes need cleaning and does it include window screens.

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